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Dive Insurance

Do You Really Need It?

IDEC Scuba Dive Insurance (Dive Accident Cover)


We guarantee to beat any like for like specialist diving accident cover quote by 10%! *

IDEC (International Diving Emergency Cover) is a personal accident plan for divers that covers you anywhere, no matter where you’re diving.

Now with new and improved benefits including an increased aggregate limit of £500,000.


Travel Insurance with IDEC Diving Accident Cover

You won’t find a better product on the market today that will protect you for all your diving activities
For more information on our travel insurance including scuba diving cover don’t hesitate to contact us today or get a quote online!

Annual Multitrip Cover

If you and/or your family take more than one holiday a year, you could save both time and money with an annual multi trip diving and travel policy.


Trip Travel & IDEC Insurance

Our Cover is not just “Standard” Travel Insurance, but a specially adapted Travel Insurance Policy for divers travelling the world when combined with our IDEC Diving Accident Cover.


Worldwide Diver Insurance

The Worldwide Diver policy is an “Extended Stay” Travel Insurance policy that includes an International Diving Emergency Card (IDEC). It is an ideal policy for gap year students who may engage in scuba diving, and divers who will be travelling continuously for periods of 6 to 12 months.


Dive Equipment Insurance

We guarantee to beat any like for like specialist dive equipment insurance quote by 10%! *

Whether you’re a sport diver, instructor, club, or dive business, we believe our dive equipment policy provides simply superior quality and great value scuba diving equipment insurance to protect your investment.


  • Extensive Coverage for Recreational and Professional Divers

  • We replace equipment new for old providing that the new replacement cost is insured

  • Dive gear and underwater cameras/videos covered

  • We pay for Unexplained Flood Damage to Cameras and Videos

  • Cover for theft from vehicles before, during and after dive trips

  • Cover for accidental loss even when the item isn’t harnessed to you

  • Worldwide coverage 365 days a year

  • No Claims Discount of 5% per year up to a maximum of 20%

  • We Insure Rebreathers, DPVs (Diver Propulsion Vehicles) And Other Sporting Equipment


People often ask 'Should I get a dive insurance?'

Here are some options to consider when choosing whether to opt for basic Travel Insurance or specialised Dive And Travel Insurance.

The first most obvious question has to be

Is scuba scuba diving covered by travel insurance?

So, the basic answer is Yes.

A standard Insure and Go travel type insurance policy covers you to go scuba diving for up to 14 days. This is on the provision that you are a qualified diver who will be diving no deeper than 30 metres.

However, even though travel and diving go hand in hand, often the best travel insurance will prove very lacking if you have an accident while diving on holiday.

By the same measure the best diving insurance can leave you wanting if you suffer an accident while undertaking any other activities during your holidays, apart from Scuba diving.


So here are the fine points on dive insurance and what are your best options.

Typical Travel Insurance Cover

Standard travel insurance is not designed with Scuba divers in mind or, for that matter, any other types of sporting activities. It is primarily designed for people going on holiday to enjoy a typical vacation visiting a beach, staying at a hotel and doing rather little. A typical travel insurance is geared towards compensating you for flight and travel problems, illness while abroad, or basic emergency situations that may occur. It generally has a very limited cover and may exclude some types of holiday activities like scuba diving, skiing, and snowboarding. In general, pure travel insurance can prove rather lacking in cover for divers.

Typical Dive Insurance Cover

A dive insurance is primarily focused on dealing with problems that arise from diving activities, is tailored for divers, and will cover various things from the cost of recompression therapy and hospital care needed as a result of a diving accident, to search and rescue operation costs and replacing equipment damaged or lost due to an emergency.

Professional Vs Sport Insurance

There is a distinct difference between diving insurance for professionals and for amateurs. While many aspects of coverage are similar when it comes to treating a diving emergency, where they differ is when it comes to third party liability. As a professional you are liable for your actions towards students and other divers you hold a position of responsibility for. Professional insurance will cover up to a limit the legal fees you may incur defending a lawsuit, as well as some compensation claims if you lose your case. Having liability insurance is always a good idea for diving professionals, and is actually mandatory to maintain your status with most training agencies.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Dive Insurance

There are three factors to consider when choosing a diving insurance: firstly, the limits on recompression coverage and how large it is; secondly, restrictions on the depth/type or even equipment used when diving; and finally, any limits on the time you can be away from home and remain covered by your insurance.


Cost Of Recompression Therapy

Recompression is expensive; depending on where you are in the world the costs can run from several hundred dollars per hour of therapy, to several thousand per hour of treatment. When you consider the absolute bare minimum recompression treatment is 2 hours in a chamber, and that on average a case of DCS (Decompression Sickness) will require several “rides” in a chamber each lasting several hours, you can easily see how the costs can mount up quickly. When it comes to choosing a dive insurance, make sure to read the fine print and that the cover for recompression therapy is unlimited or very large (to the tune of several hundred thousand dollars), otherwise you could run out of cover very quickly indeed.

Dive Type/Depth Coverage

A large number of diving insurance policies will have restrictions on cover, depending on the type of diving activity you are undertaking. Many policies will only cover you to your recommended training depth, so if you are an Open water diver and have an accident after a 20 m/65 ft dive, you may easily find yourself out of cover. Moreover, some policies will actually have a ban on some diving activities like technical or cave diving, or even impose a maximum depth limit on your coverage. Very commonly, policies will not cover you after a depth of 40 m/130 ft.

Travel Time Restrictions

Quite a few insurance policies have trip or time coverage restrictions away from your country of residence. For instance, a quite common policy will cover you all year but only for trips of 90 day or less. If you embark on a long round the world trip, you will find that you have no coverage after 90 days since you have gone over the trip limit. Effectively what this policy means is that you have to return home every 90 days and start another trip.

Other policies have a different type of time restrictions. They will only cover you for a set number of days per year. So, if you were to have an accident early on in the year during one trip, that was sufficiently long to use up most or all of your year’s coverage, and then you had another accident later in the year, you may find you are out of cover, since you have been out of your home country that year for more days than you are covered for.


Choosing the right dive and travel insurance for you can be a little tricky but is a relatively straightforward process depending on how often you travel and dive and the level of cover you need. Before buying insurance first determine how often you travel and dive and your desired level of cover. And then match your requirements to the various travel and diving insurance policies available to you.

And why DiveMaster?

Because that's who WE use, and WE recommend!

You never know when you might need it lol ;)

Liability Cover

Are you worried about your liability to other divers or maybe you are Dive Master or Instructor?

Dive Master Insurance provide liability products that cover all Associations, including coverage for Snorkelling and Free Diving, Underwater Scientific & Archaeological, and Underwater Film & Media projects.

You won’t find a better product on the market today that will protect you for all your diving activities.


Technical Courses

Many diving experts and dive associations have different descriptions of what technical diving is, so when it’s so difficult for experts to agree what Technical Diving means, you would think it’s even harder for us to define the risk in insurance terms.


Professional Cover

At Dive Master they’ve been insuring Dive Professionals for over 25 years. To help you understand the various options of cover available to Dive Professionals we’ve put them all in one place!


Trade Insurance

Dive Master have been providing products to the dive trade for over 25 years. Whether you’re a small family run dive centre, dive club, inland dive site, live aboard, dive charity, under water scientific & archaeological trust or an underwater film and media business our Trade INDIGO liability policy can provide with cover you need.

In addition to liability insurance through INDIGO we also provide “Property Plus” cover designed especially for dive centres.

Both our INDIGO and Property Plus policies contain clauses specific to your dive business you won’t find in a general shop insurance or anywhere else.

In addition to providing you with all the cover you need we are also giving back to the dive trade in the form of our affiliate scheme.


Life Insurance

Dive Master Insurance aims to give its clients access to the best range of Scuba related insurance products available.

We have now teamed up with a specialist broker here in the UK to provide scuba divers with the most competitive comprehensive insurance cover we believe you can find for:

Mortgage Protection

This is a policy which would cover your mortgage if you die. This lets you leave a home to your family – not a liability.

Family Protection

A lump sum is payable on death should the worst happen. This would enable your family to maintain their standard of living and give you peace of mind. This can also be valuable as business insurance such as Key Man cover.


Boat Insurance

Our specialist boat insurance is underwritten by one of the UK’s largest marine insurers.

As well as covering all the usual risks that you would expect from marine insurance our policy also provides cover for liability to divers in the water and the carriage and use of therapeutic oxygen.

We insure craft that are used for both private & pleasure purposes and professional skipper charter use, so why not contact us for a quote today?